Look Alive

22 November 2010

PROPER GANDER. :: B. Attitude

At the foot yet in the face
of mountains
off-color detours are absorbed
sprayed, capsized by the nearby sea of fresh memory
and the mind is above the mines abuzz
morphing and migrating to what is
made for it

LEVI(RO)TATION :: "Lovelight"

I saw this YouTube user's 'video' for the featured song and laughed with delight! Whether or not s/he is conscious of it, I believe "sdaav" made such a simple yet impactful statement by complementing Ms. Muldrow's "Lovelight" with the black screen. On the Way to learning, knowing and living Love, we often experience the projections of dark energy and intent that the atmosphere has first. Even 1 John 2, namely verses 7-17, addresses this. Thankfully, the ensuing challenges and the revelations their agents yield only make rightful, ready hearts & souls more prepared for the inevitable blessing of Love!

  • Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Never in Vain"
  • James Brown - "Can't Take It With You"
  • Keri Hilson - "Pretty Girl Rock" [video/instrumental, because I agree that one should never have to say]
  • Outkast - "Da Art of Storytellin'" [instrumental]
  • The Foreign Exchange - "Leave It All Behind"
  • Youngbloodz - "85" [instrumental]

KNEWS :: The Misadventures of the 'Rangel' Rover & Sun... stroke?

Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY) has kicked up his share of dust and doubt before and since the House ethics committee cited him in violation of 11 points on November 18. Career activities beyond his job description, such as allegedly using a rent-stabilized apartment for campaign purposes and evading federal tax payments on an offshore property, are now awaiting the formal responses of group "censure" or written "reprimand" where some are calling for "expulsion". Neither luck nor genius come to mind when permanent separation of the romantic kind is at the helm, either, but recent studies show that risked incidence of stroke is double trouble if the victim experienced divorce as a child. An even hotter topic that may provide some levity in the midst of these concerns is the almost-alien legal claim by Angeles Duran, a woman on the Spanish-Portuguese border who now believes she owns the Sun. Maybe the representative and warring parents should write Ms. Duran to shed less and more light on their respective situations -- or we can all put our delusions down and realize the order our Creator manifested deserves greater respect.

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*** EditoREAL update: On Dec. 2, the House committee decided in an official, 333-79 vote upon Rep. Rangel's censure.