Look Alive

15 March 2012

In Good Taste

Ears after high-decibel exposure, nerves exposed to shifts in the atmosphere, the olfactory sense or the change to our purses are among those that will prove ingestion is so much more than a hand-to-mouth gut thing. All of Life is to be parsed with good reason and seasoning, taken in and then shared for the better. Even in the recent 24-hour sliver between pi's digits and what some history considers the Ides' demons of ill will and murder to name a couple, experience can make us very full. 'Too much' is almost guaranteed by not heeding the signs preceding and just after 'enough'. Contrary to popular belief, however, a pretty righteous redemption can be found in paying closer attention to the necessary details.

These can contain great disagreement or synchronicity, the latter of which is home to both beauty and terror. I'm not talking about the optimization overload the Bing search engine once comically advertised as making sticky batter of our brains, mind you. I just happen to see both, actually all three, words—like you, me or any living being—as facets of God's infinite brilliance. Maybe scientists, priests and artists will return to common ground by taking such logic to heart. Meanwhile, last night, my drum appreciated deep resonance with (related) works of a favorite author/anthropologist by way of some Creative People's Resuscitation.

Paving the way back through the tunnel afterwards were a girl with eyes rose-colored as a recently departed germ, tear or high; sleeping giant with shiny jewelry and no shoes; the handsome faces of two gentleman I didn't bother to greet at length but had no problem taking discreet glimpses at more than a little bit and sneezers with newspapers for napkins who left ominous leaves behind for the accidental adventurer. Once I'd gotten in and eventually decided to blog a bit, the nearest link's quote awaited, saying Go! Figures... and I'm grateful.

Frequent romps in midnight oil have exposed me to many infomercials peddling skin care, coverage of the sacral area that some jeans (and genes) have scrapped to show off, addict-pointed encouragement to seek treatment and a few minutes of Insanity® that don't always seem so crazy. This time, entertainer Debbie Gibson mentions "a wall between worlds" for Children International's sake; this just a week after first listening and mere moments before finally deciding to connect the similarly titled Nujabes song with this post.

Among the suggested video column to the right, his "Aint No Mystery" appeared, bringing back to mind the iconic writer/performer of "The Mystery of Iniquity" and many gems, Ms. Hill. After all, a trough on her public frequency earned its #17 spot amid the 40 most shocking moments in hip-hop being re-broadcast when I returned. For this and the aforementioned Greco-Roman reason, I was not surprised when one of the words prescribed online for today later proved "iniquitous". A few synonyms briefly came to mind forever ago regarding my observation of an ancient, rebellious sport that later engaged "some guy" to regurgitate a lion's share of my early writing pieces fed to him under false pretenses and "read [me]" for not squirming as superfish bait should. The same outlet's suggestion ala HonorĂ© De Balzac contains its own tragi-comedy otherwise. By now, all supporting cast members have learned not to cross or trouble waters they don't understand no'mo.

Regardless, as is the case with details, what exists with/in our intentions and connections need not be devilish or in distress. Einstein is quoted as stating that "[a]ny intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction." Even young pink eyes revealed a smiling glimpse of whitish teeth by the end of the ride, so I know different, healthy types can move under our arches. Paranoia and undue sympathies (or sins) deserve rest. Well-nourished, I digest.