Look Alive

22 April 2012


Fear and doubt are realities for many. Revisiting Job and the Psalms, the same can be said of ignorance.

The rightful and Lovely application of ninjitsu notwithstanding, what good purpose is there to operating from a hidden place of selfish harm beneath Unity's bridge? None. Stealth mode to harm the Hands that rock, feed, guide and raise us pales in comparison to knowing and allowing one's self to be better. 

For example, soda has contributed to its share of unfortunate mishaps in the past; a sneaky carbon dioxide leak being the latter culprit. An excessive relationship and aimlessly throwing its trash when we think no one sees or hears, however, is troll-like and dishonorable of us.

Heaven embodies many mansions bey(on)d this Earth and bears universal witness, especially to the value of taking permanent residence in everyone -- yes, YOU too, even if you once surrendered to Life's base energies and attempts! Who in the pursuit of power or perfection hasn't? Don't dwell there; confess/'right' the wrongs and leave them alone, like Lucille Pope suggests.

Starting today and with/in ourselves, let's remove the b.s. from our lives; lovingly isolate and replace  its nourishing, fertilizing components, and cultivate that home in our he/arts. Thankfully, proverbial droppings, worms, dirt, cracked shells, just enough clean water (emotion) and such are very useful to God.

You know the drill: choose materials that last in the first place, conserve resources, consume sensibly, waste less, compost, recycle... Before long, a place of beauty, comfort, healthy productivity, protection, respite and reverence will emerge. Neighbors might even appear more like the pleased Creator, Who literally matters so much that all flora, flesh and finer beings are family. Oh yeah, our (windowsill or lawn) gardens might improve too :)