Look Alive

05 June 2011

Return to Sender

Why does coming home so often seem shorter than going away? Is it because anticipation has given way to confirmed satisfaction or disappointment with the destination? Does familiarity house both ease and, as they say, contempt?

Early in the Song's third chapter, 'the woman' is found distraught for want of the love she just fawned over. Her nights are restless with longing and looking for 'hymn' all over, yet on her daybed, until she takes her search to the streets. Shortly after passing those whose job it is to keep watch over all, she finally finds him and holds him dear. By verse five and again in 8:4, she appears to have matured volumes, learning that love (within or outside of her) is not to be stirred or roused before the right time.

So often our relationship with the Creator is initiated by parents and loved ones responsible for our upbringing. True to Proverbs 22:6, hopefully we are raised well and fed with good food for the body and soul. Sometimes loved ones are overzealous in this duty and force-feed others things they can't quite digest -- yet -- leading to heartburn, nausea, a distaste for that 'food' and any number of negative reactions. Believe me when I say I've got maps, (re:)marks and memories of my own departures from force-feeding, but God's guidance to the hear & now is a blessing.

It has been said that when a student is ready, a teacher appears. Having been and later dealt with the challenging student at times, I will expand upon that by saying what I've learned: a teacher will not only appear but come back if necessary. Love, not solely through the lens of the ego but with true dimension explained and exemplified in the Lord, might come with anxiety, is patient, kind and all that, but will leave an area of resistance to be where it's most needed and received, even for a moment. It is often in that Love's absence that we learn to appreciate its 'presents', amplify our newfound understanding beyond the prayers on our beds, couches or other intimate settings alone. We come to share that truth with mom, dad, any and everybody who will listen and invite it back home deep within, to our origins.

Cliche or touche as this may sound, the Creator's supreme Love given to us in myriad ways every day. Got it? Give it back, (right) away!