Look Alive

01 March 2012

Let's Dance

Welcome to March, the widely accepted month of Spring!

What comes to mind for me is the God-given ability we all have to experience unique rhythms via the heart, hopefully align them with the mandate of the Most High and 'step' accordingly. Easy or fun as it may be, we don't have to threaten another's path or lack flavor and originality to dance to our own drummers.

With teacher-student relations gone awry once again, sex tra(ffi)cking and grossly tempering the appeal of porridge to name a few areas, recent news easily suggests that some heartbeats have squandered the freedom of free will by choosing to be irregular. An arguably crooked way is often paved and bound by the dominance of left hands and feet, so to speak. Of course, any partner's steps and the details will follow that lead.

So how do we find our way home or, as in roots music, stay in time with and not behind the one-drop? Anderson's magic shoes instantly delivered what natural talent and hard work would earn. However, a greedy, shortcut-taking wearer stood, at the very least, for a hare's end. Being strategic in the morsels laid down were helpful to Hansel & Gretel, but even for the witch, curbing appetites was the greater lesson. Certain aspects of childhood are long gone yet human nature remains to represent an occasional struggle in us all. The two-sided Biblical sword can offer our drums the guidance those tales once did. Let's leave dissonance behind and get on the good foot!