Look Alive

08 August 2011

∞ 8/8 ∞

A double-take on common time

During a certain writing project, I considered the words as coming 'directly from my heart, flowing like my blood, quickly darkening to the chosen maroon' font on the screen where Microsoft Word was active. Fast-forwarding many years later to the present, the words reflecting my experiences have become more deeply ingrained. I'm generalizing right now, it's true, but in this personality of privacy; period of discreet contentment and era of admitted over-exposure (namely in tonight's season finales of two guilty TV pleasures), it's OK that we're all subject to times in front or blended into the background. A global health initiative that came to my attention today via YouTube and the following, basic graphic say so much to that end.

"...warm as the sun dipped in black..."

This and every day is one the Lord has made! I'm glad it's not my worst and yet look forward to better, as I manifest the flow my Creator orchestrates. The Being of breath and blood as precious as they are, their presence as universal and worthy of wellness despite the protest of some vessels, what healthier choice is there than appreciating and improving the Life gift, as given?

Infinitely, God Is Love.