Look Alive

19 May 2011


I love Nature's gentler messengers! Wait... Let me be clear. While I appreciate all of Nature, I specified an affinity for the gentle variety, because, quite frankly, rhinocerose and major, stormy catastrophes are natural too. We are all products of the same Creator and bear merit, but you wouldn't necessarily want a barefooted, empty-handed run-in with the latter kind. The deeper into the heart of Spring these days take us, the longer I find the songs of birds to resonate in the evening and morning air. Eavesdropping on their melodic chatter, respecting their unified formations and heeding their in-flight courses when even figurative clouds loom is very educational, if not soothing. The same can be said about the squirrels, neighborhood pets on the stroll and even outdoor insects in their own right. As the childhood hymn reminded me, "all things bright and beautiful...great and small...wise and wonderful" are the handiwork of the greatest Artist ever. Every plant, animal and insect has its specific purpose that we could somehow benefit from.

A few years ago, I randomly witnessed a flee(t)ing spirit mention something about "chir'ch". If I recall the context correctly, the reference had to do with a misunderstanding that led someone to develop an almost tangible intention to mock something sacred by likening it to the colloquially negative qualities of a bird. I remember laughing then feeling sad for the writer's choice to speak from the limited sight a dark, half-empty glass can produce and the ease with which s/he could profane the purity of either the Word or the bird. From the heavens of their travels to the earth trod by this beauty (up, right) who took the uncanny risk of 'sticking its neck out' to almost reach my door yesterday, it's all God; the ability to yet hear a sweet soundtrack and receive the message of protected patience freely from His creations despite environmental threats, all blessings we do not give ourselves. That being said, God loves all, seeing about even the former mocking, birds (doves and vultures alike) as they seek new direction. Feel free to spread His Word by chirping a friend on the phone or maybe sending a Tweet in that Spirit!

All Images Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Click for slideshow
Alexander McQueen is refreshed by the 'avian' as well!