Look Alive

05 March 2012


In checking my calendar today, a little note appeared informing me that Daylight Saving Time would take place at 2 a.m. on next Sunday, March 11, 2012. However imperfect, there are certainly worse things out there than my memory. I simply don't recall it normally coming so soon, but hey... Life is change, right?! Considering the latter belief, maybe the manipulation of time should be expected. After all, whole nations took a quadrennial leap only a few days ago and, according to the Mayans, people can be born on a Day Out of Time. Even without looking skyward or deep into scholarly tomes, quantum 'space' is occupied by a lot more than what we popularly regard or understand. This is not an existential rant to force an intellectual veneer on the skin invisible to you here. This is just an eye-opener to those gaps that exist in every one of our lives, in the most unassuming ways.

Take the pair of ellipses present in the text so far. In grammar, the three dots of an ellipsis represent a silent space that can hold anything we choose to put in them. Further, the missing content may or may not agree with what pertinent courage we have made visible on the bookends of the statement. Like the parodied (but very enjoyable, thank you) Madonna commercial, they highlight a gap one could fall into unaware. As for the soul and the unknown unseen that affect it, there is one thing that provides a permanent eclipse of "a multitude" and bridges gaps like no other: Love. Fill every space with it and carry on... lighter :)