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It Is What It Is


* Posts listed as 'proper gander.' or 'rated PG' are somewhat poetic musings on whasunevaitis that comes to heart & mind. (R.I.P. soul brother #1, James Brown)

* Posts listed as 'Levi(ro)tation' or from my host site, 'insights', pick up where the concept left off from its LaLa and IMEEM inception prior to my joining YouTube. These writings are intended to fulfill a sacred duty of adding a different, hopefully elevated perspective on some popular music and lyrics. Songs featuring great music with lyrics I may not agree with (or vice-versa) are often featured as YT favorites as the unwritten form of  Levi(ro)tation.

* Posts listed as 'Uncommon Census' or 'the knews' serve a similar purpose to the 'Levi' writings, except the focus is on current events and news across the globe.

* General posts and those listed as 'Trinity Talks' serve as my Bible devotionals or Biblegateway-powered study schedules.

For access to the archives of the above writings, please revisit www.iampsalmbody.org/ in p(e)ace.

I hope this more efficient Blogger-based method of sharing my media ministry is still fulfilling to your spirits and, most importantly, edifying to the Almighty Most High! Thank you for your continued support.

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