Look Alive

01 November 2011

The Legend of Waking Hallow

The Hallowe'en tradition of masquerading and exploring the dark side is celebrated by many across the world. As a time when the veil between the physical and spiritual realms is considered the thinnest, motifs of deadly force, ghosts, harmful transformations and the skeletons that literally comprise the 'bare bones' of our existence are prevalent. In that regard, the late, great popular music legend Michael Jackson's seminal "Thriller" video still captures the attention of millions to this day.

Death being quite natural and relative to the Life continuum, my "deadly force" referral to any use of energy that seeks to undermine or end what God has ordained as worthy or current was deliberate. Other terms that can be misunderstood or just interchanged but require prudent handling in the process are "wakeful" or "waking"; even discernment of the "hollow" from the "hallow" can elude a casual ear without context.

The former pair is similar, but one part sometimes suggests insomnia whereas the seemingly better synonym for 'alert' eventually leads right back to the other for a conscious presence of wakefulness. Also, the latter pair may sound alike, but every tunnel doesn't lead to the light and emptiness is not always holy. Achieving stillness within then submitting the material or status hunger and other deceitful lusts of self to Divine Will are serious tasks.

So what's with the random, mini English lesson? I'm actually asking myself the same question, as I don't always plan these entries but begin with a positive intent and let the Holy Spirit lead the rest of the Way. Recalling my seasonal enjoyment of yesterday's "Blacula" and "Vampire in Brooklyn" broadcasts as well as thoughts of early schoolgirl assignments involving Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" character Ichabod Crane or equally comical Shakespearean frights, some gems figure into the overall picture and make it clearer.

As many stories unfold, the former horror buff in me has always sympathized with shrews, innocents, headless riders and egotistical tamers alike. Dark places where demons lurk often go beyond illusory screens and pages to the best of our bodies and minds. There is help, however. We can look to Ephesians 5(:14), the justice of Mark's gospel, Michael Jackson magic such as "Heal the World" or "Man in the Mirror" that continues to bring beasts to light (after all, Billie Jean's approach is scarier and more torturous than the instant demise any werewolf can bring) and the Psalm 23 joy of jazz musician Jeff Majors to name a few.

Please have no fear! Despite our past mistakes and anyone else's decision to promote hate (read: thirsty, controlling deception), there is holiness within each of us that simply needs the alarm rung so it can rise up and glorify Our Maker. Never mind evil tales and the like, I AM is indeed Legend.