Look Alive

07 November 2011


All the signs agree
that it's time to get it together
stay focused and go
Hush, I know...
Oaths and seals are at times prey to whales
Necks tired of gills seek protection by tales
yet Truth still prevails
despite the tags on unattended souls

Pick up the p(e)aces left along the way
Let your eyes be light
and return the red flower to the city's heart
You will be seen through
the cracked surfaces
Discover depth
beyond the steam
Loose weaves
will be meshed, measured
with music

New bones about it
Love will have our backs
if we shun evil relations
and allow our arms to relax

06 November 2011


Today's the day! We're discouraged from sharing in the Natural flow and, instead, encouraged to do a Cher with time for the historical sake of allowing greater work productivity. Behold, clocks requiring manual involvement must be turned back and only some of the world's people since the 19th century -- not the totality -- will don the flowing capes in order to save daylight. Noble, huh?! I don't think the memo made a blip on my music player's radar here just yet...

Either way, while I believe there can indeed be strength in numbers, for better or worse, I do not agree with the core values (or lack thereof) behind any attempt to unnecessarily manipulate the Infinite Eternal that preceded and will succeed all. Before we came to this plane to mature as we put a li'l personal paint where it ain't, however hierarchic in time and other measurements, a canvas existed. It was primed and patterned by visionary Divine Love for pleasure.

When the Luciferian line of reasoning enters the human experience with greedy and prideful expectations, unfortunately that pleasure is readied for replacement by pain. The seeds of murder, financial and emotional poverty which share a mutual reception with robbery, snobbery, slavery, adultery and curry (that was just a suffix-in-sound joke to ensure your attentiveness - curry's actually wonderful to me and its turmeric ingredient, of medicinal benefit), to name a few, are thereby cultivated. Contrary to that base nature, the gardener or parent of genuine Love plants for more than the cash or prestige of the crop.

By examining any situation or spirit despite its vessel, the harmful parts of Life have a foundation that can be dealt with accordingly. Healing paths have also been laid at our feet and fingertips with which to see goodness for what it is, despite the fears or tough-skinned coping tactics that may hinder vision with the naked eye. Scripture is one place that I dwell hoping to glean such wisdom and strength.

Needless to say, history often reads in favor of the assumed victor and many global teachings, like their teachers, fell victim to the ruthless persistence of confusion and ignorance. Still, even persons who do not subscribe to the Christian faith know and consider the teachings collectivized as the Bible to be "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" at the very least. At its realest and most effective, I understand Holy Word to be inscribed by the Spirit of the Most High in one's figurative language and directly onto the essential heart made flesh by all types of experiences under Heaven.

Now I ask you. If you had your way, as most of our six billion+ wishes, to reinvent the wheels and wisdom you find insufficient and unbelievable, how would your instructional primer read? Would some groups suffer and others be safe? Would all living be allowed to paint? How would you define the haves and have nots? Would the criteria be discerned from within or superficially relative to the heart? Having given it more thought, is it wholly different from what you already hate? I believe there is very little to prevent any of us from starting afresh in the optimal spirit God desires. Remember, there is more primer where it came from. P(e)ace.