Look Alive

08 March 2011

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Lyrics and performance (c) 2011 Psalmbody/PMLLC
w/ special guest appearance/writing by "SeHeaven"
Contains elements of original music production
by NO I.D., DJ Shok and StarGate

It is common of us to have danced with both folly and wisdom in Life, possibly even confusing the two and abandoning the latter at some point. The Proverbs encourage us to take heed as she cries out in the streets of every rural corner, ghetto and city. Having veered off from the Lord's Way and this project near the turn of the millennium, I am very grateful for the Life, health and inspiration to come full circle and continue in It unto completion. "Yes, yes, y'all... It don't stop!" God's Love is the only sure shot!

OK, so I'm a bit excited and arguably corny right now, but my intent to cheerfully spread the Gospel stands firm -- even with this project specifically designed for generations raised on the genre of hip-hop often maligned as male-dominated, female-(self) degraded and/or braggadocio-heavy where "not everybody knows they were born Psalmbody". I know that it can inspire and teach good things especially to motivating rhythms, so it's a pleasure and privilege to encourage you to "Love H.E.R." too. Whomsoever will, please return periodically to download the full and clear quality versions of this music ministry to experience and share  -- freely and in good faith.
Thank you.

Bein' There

Since childhood, I have enjoyed learning about the commemorations that are assigned to each month. The various holidays and observances that broke the monotony of studies offered refreshment and a certain sense of joy that was hard to frown upon. True, we learn over time that some festivals and the like have negative origins that we would be wise not to celebrate, as they contradict the Will of the Most High God in our lives. There are three associations with March, however, that I believe to be harmless and dear.

Whether as a writer, musician or social servant, the themes of health & wellness and, of course, "herstory" have been major parts of my humble Life's work for over a decade. Some of you reading directly or through remote feeds may even recall the ambitions of my first literary project of that same primary title -- and the disastrous attacks of the enemy on all my accounts and relationships to try stopping its completion and manner of ministry. Oddly yet so gratefully, the Almighty used it as a refining fire in my own living story that served to identify and remove the dross inside and out. Trials are universal, so I'm certain many people -- even the women of the pre-19th Amendment era that the t-shirt immediately below acknowledges -- can say "hey, I've been there!"

Of those trying times that occasionally make their way into Life, the pains of hunger, kidney disease and malnutrition -- even without the wasteful spirit, alcohol abuse and financial hardship that may contribute to these ills -- sometimes strike our loved ones or ourselves without warning. Just this weekend, news that a jovial and active uncle of mine is now silent in a coma while undergoing dialysis came suddenly on the heels of the good time I shared with some sisters.** A preventative lifestyle, proper medical attention and a good bean here and there in our diets will promote health. Contributing fervent prayer to God, the Divine Healer, in Christ and sharing the lightness of His Holy Spirit in times of varied dis-ease is even greater medicine in my opinion.

On this International Women's Day, tomorrow for World Read Aloud Day, for the rest of this month and beyond, I encourage us to be there for each other as the Lord instructs and allows. May God bless us to AMPLIFY the Rhema* Word as, with the remnant of this Life!

~ from the heart of this woman ~

"GeneSis" (c) Psalmbody/PMLLC :||: April 2010

* Renz, Art. The Word of His Power. http://www.hissheep.org/messages/the_word_of_his_power.html. Retrieved 2011-03-08.
** [3/13/11 UPDATE] By Grace, my uncle is now improving and lucid enough to receive and recognize visitors.
To God be the glory for our lessons and blessings!

06 March 2011

So Be It

I have two simple crafts to share with you this weekend! The first is an impromptu glass design. When surprised with the activity at a gathering yesterday evening, a floral/plant motif came to mind but I started with the wrong brush and that was all she wrote! The too-thick vine became sort of a question mark which then became a half-heart once I followed the drive to expand the color spectrum. Once the picture started to emerge before me, it felt natural to just complete the heart and let some gold trace the path from it to the 'lip'. 

The Blondie song, "Heart of Glass", came to mind as I posted this. Thankfully, my heart is in a good place right now, so only that title and great rhythm I grew up with apply. Still, how often do adults get to take an inexpensive, unexpected moment (save for Sabbath rest) from work, bills, parenting, teaching and any other serious, necessary elements of Life? Considering the intent and actions of this 'play', then, "heart on glass" better describes what manifested.

Maybe my subconscious wanted to share what I'm learning about the process of Love: the way it begins often from having something or someone else in mind; the questions that may form; the different speeds at which light gets to and through us, showing our colors; the presence of gold even in drops and how it wants to spring up from the waters of our emotions to bubble through our mouths and communications; the need for transparency and room in order to be truly filled...

An unfamiliar version of "Amen" infused with "This Little Light of Mine" made itself known to me as Sunday classics played on the radio this afternoon. As an alternative to his single "Hard to Handle", the late Otis Redding added a special sentiment to the traditional hymn's lyrics which stated, of course with Daddy's encouragement and now this short video of reinforcement, that we should let our lights shine 'to show Love'. Fame, harmful ulterior motives, lust, superiority or even inferiority are impotent in purpose when and where "It" rightfully stands and moves. The Light of God is just the Truth and Spirit of His unconditional Love. So...
Be It.