Look Alive

08 March 2011

((( * )))

(Slighty clearer, embeddable version available @
Lyrics and performance (c) 2011 Psalmbody/PMLLC
w/ special guest appearance/writing by "SeHeaven"
Contains elements of original music production
by NO I.D., DJ Shok and StarGate

It is common of us to have danced with both folly and wisdom in Life, possibly even confusing the two and abandoning the latter at some point. The Proverbs encourage us to take heed as she cries out in the streets of every rural corner, ghetto and city. Having veered off from the Lord's Way and this project near the turn of the millennium, I am very grateful for the Life, health and inspiration to come full circle and continue in It unto completion. "Yes, yes, y'all... It don't stop!" God's Love is the only sure shot!

OK, so I'm a bit excited and arguably corny right now, but my intent to cheerfully spread the Gospel stands firm -- even with this project specifically designed for generations raised on the genre of hip-hop often maligned as male-dominated, female-(self) degraded and/or braggadocio-heavy where "not everybody knows they were born Psalmbody". I know that it can inspire and teach good things especially to motivating rhythms, so it's a pleasure and privilege to encourage you to "Love H.E.R." too. Whomsoever will, please return periodically to download the full and clear quality versions of this music ministry to experience and share  -- freely and in good faith.
Thank you.

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