Look Alive

11 February 2012

The First and Eleventh Hour of 48

"...It's gonna be cold / There may even be snow..." ~ Helen Folasade Adu

The house was finally at rest
albeit forgetful in removing the marvels
of the world from the screen
Turning traces of Ororo and Oya off
I stepped lightly into the early morning night
preferring to sit alone in the Quiet Storm
where a kiss from Keith
any love Luther offered and, frankly
something even he could feel surrounded me
Soon my mind, face and body rejoiced in
being cool with what was
a fresh anointing
In slumber, I dreamed
of preparing for a show
when I received a postcard from Israel
Old friends dressed in white were visiting
the land with pride & joy
Awakening to the news
it was clear
the God Who saw her through
and through
is still my peer