Look Alive

01 June 2013


"I knew you were coming. ... I'd like the chance to tell you something. Will you [bear with me]?
Then make up your mind. ... God will begin... It's time!"
Welcome June, or as a Twitter trend I noticed earlier would say, #BienvenidosJunio!

The week leading to this place was, like any, a dynamic one. Some personal transitions aside, sadly derailed trains, revisiting singer/actress Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry" on the pop culture front, a new round of politically-charged ricin letter attacks and wild, destructive weather were among the movements of U.S. news. 

Change is inevitable. After all, people seldom stay in one place forever. Metals as well as the mechanisms they form and help function eventually wear down. Resentment and familiarity make an odd but popular couple. Power corrupts, or interrupts, and counting on mundane weather is 'vain'.

That last word can also be true of third-party perceptions and interpretations chosen to convey a subjective experience in any given moment. All that came to mind was a wish for an instrumental to Teena Marie's groovy "Portuguese Love" when another Twitter trend used said language. I couldn't tell you a thing about the Turkish and some unrecognizable tongues I've seen. Besides intuition, silence or perhaps the most powerful of instrumental music, does a universal version of the colloquial "real talk" even exist?

Of course, unduly speaking or acting out of turn is another conversation. But, if the man or woman next to you looks towards your partner coming from across the street (where, incidentally, the street light is counting down the seconds before cross-traffic makes casualties of peace), what are you inclined to perceive? Does it say more about the stranger or one's self? In those times, do we bother to meet minds or continue to build an internal lexicon lacking Love and self-control?

Just as there is some confusion out there about whether Kelly's candor was more about healing from an abusive relationship, the friend/fellow vocalist she was allegedly encouraged to doubt or the "Talk" album due out later this month, there are many phrases in foreign languages without exact English translation (read: ?@Ü! We who are not Ms. Rowland may never really know, as the Heart doesn't have a definitive dictionary for others to casually thumb through). To a certain degree, however, unless the Holy Spirit truly reveals the matter, it's likely that we need not know or judge. We need only meet it where, as it is and let it be.

Taken from the movie "Belly," that was the above approach Dr. Ben Chavis' Rev. Saviour character used toward the 'Buns' character played by DMX―whose life in 'reality' shows similar fire and desire for positive change mixed with a brazen habit for blame and entitlement when his actions do appear all wrong. I believe this Is God's daily approach to us all, in our flaws and at our finest. At the very least, that's what God did for my yesterday's cigars, preference for studying the stars instead of some elder "Christians'" mean ways and scars from a cystic medical history that attracted ridicule, rumor and their intended feelings of worthlessness. I learned that the energetics of undue holding (on or back) could also lead to cancers of the soul. That was then.

It is said that we are now among the early stages of what the world considers the age of Aquarius, not necessarily for the importance placed on the associated areas of electricity, telecommunications, esoteric knowledge and radicalism in this era. I draw instead from a revised water bearer aesthetic to better experience the True and Living Water: God-in-Christ Who met a woman and men in need of fixing at the well, the same Christ Who offers clarity and refreshment to all.

To put it simply, in our weakness, God Is Strength. In times of darkness, Light. In even hidden anger, Peace. Amidst hatred, Love. And Love is what's spoken and lived here, within me, despite whatever contrasts I may notice while reading English content, witnessing the temperance of my tongue, engaging deeper study interests requiring translation software and the occasional survival terms accrued during physical travels. Rechts or links fur zie toiletten... and thanks!

That Love, in God's Will, is where I all-ways hope to live, move and have Being. If and wherever you find yourself among places that are not-quite-right, please seek The Lord Who never left. It's Time.