Look Alive

24 September 2010

ON... A Coaster for Living Water

Hey - real quick! In following up with the last post's "airtight" vibe, I felt compelled to share a brief amalgam of classic, cool quotables that just blessed my heart as I "walk past... not now, but RIGHT NOW... [at times] very, very incognito... in riddles // [nullifying] crazy, thinking... mere nonsense... renditions of defeat & competition // Lemme tell ya who's the boss... my GOD". I am grateful that EVERYWHERE is the zone only the Most High, worthy of all praise, owns!

Those threads of A Tribe Called Quest's classic "God Lives Through" make the mere idea of squabbling, malintent, harm and all pettiness futile. If someone truly has it all {chosen and (via children and more family) given love, luxury, abilities, an overall great life to boast of}, how and why is there room for what I or another supposedly don't have or deserve? When does an attentive and fulfilled man/husband/brother/friend/son/cousin/boss OR woman/wife/mother/sister/friend/daughter/cousin/aunt/5-star or any other term du jour for "me me" mentality have the time to covet beyond their own abundance? Is it raw evil and greed at work? Is it the inability to maintain a lie that frustrates one enough to lash out? Is it an awkward way to connect in hopes of (re-)building better relations with an underestimated being? What are jealousy or envy but elements of an old Fat Joe album title anyway? Pun intended to break the ice with unifying laughter, not to sow seeds of sarcasm unto bitter fruit. Know this. For real.

The fire in any of us could play with fire outside, but it isn't worthwhile. It makes me bore terribly and none but Palmer's or the shea butter merchants benefit from ash everywhere. I do cook with it and expect it to heat the water I bathe or wash with, however. Sometimes it even sparks my incense or a candle, offering a sweet savor I hope and pray radiates far, deep, wide and Heaven-high. That's about it, though. To follow or exhaustively chase Divine refreshment as above with anything but more harmlessly peaceful consciousness and temperance of whatever's eating U(niversal propensity for emotion, etc.) is self-defeating. At the risk of sounding silly for a little bit, people, be cool and skip even. Aside from healthy communication, you don't have to catch up with me at all. Both my 'jones' and race are but for the One prize of Divine Truth and Love large enough for ALL who will be faithful to Christ's instructions in doing the Work. This coaster is here purely to optimize the gathering and intake of the Living Water of God's Word and Will. Please stay focused on good things, family, and be sure not to let one drop of the Almighty's Love get away from you either. P.E.A.C.E.



P.S. So long as honesty and respect flow between any applicable parties, Ralph Tresvant's bridge in the second linked video is true. It really doesn't matter who likes whom besides the 2 hearts involved. Bombs + too much flexing don't win, but the YouTube uploader (OriginalRooster) did a beautiful thing ~ EARLY!!! Also representing an early approach to the joys of Life is the work of the lovely R&B/smooth jazz quartet otherwise known as Perri. Like a four-part sisternova exploding in revelatory light for our good, these sisters' soulful sound was so stylish! They were funky yet sweet in helping us to view social ills from the upside, down and make bad spirits with nowhere to go take welcome flight into the transforming Light of Eternal Life.

19 September 2010

LEVI(RO)TATION :: "What state is church in?"

Last week, soul-stirring artist Bilal Sayeed Oliver came back on the scene with the album, "Airtight's Revenge". The August 2(1st-born Second) man whose way with creativity enamored me for years is known to be at once interfaith, intercostal and in the face of his fans with an avant-garde approach to life and lyricism. One of the collection's songs, "Who Are You", exemplifies this most to date. It speaks of his human experience, like so many, being influenced by the dynamics of spiritual and secular leanings as well as the entropy of what's considered his Leo/Virgo cusp's battle + his stasis in a beloved limbo. Even the subtle hints of Dionne Warwick's "Deja Vu" detected in the composition are telling of his thoughts' travels across times we (don't) know all too well. At the very least, I did notice in one shot that the brother and I have the same sneakers. [WATCH Bilal - "Who Are You" (video)]

Only a few days later, the media of popular culture offered its hardest jolts thus far to conservative Christian politician Christine O'Donnell via claims of her former satanic witchcraft involvement as well as (more) sexual misconduct by a popular Atlanta area Bishop Eddie Long. What does it all mean to you? What does it and do you say of the times we live in?

These are just some of the 'knews' items on the radar this week, also found in part at my main place. If you will, let's build in p(e)ace or just gawk or 'tawk amongst yourselves'. I look forward.