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19 September 2010

LEVI(RO)TATION :: "What state is church in?"

Last week, soul-stirring artist Bilal Sayeed Oliver came back on the scene with the album, "Airtight's Revenge". The August 2(1st-born Second) man whose way with creativity enamored me for years is known to be at once interfaith, intercostal and in the face of his fans with an avant-garde approach to life and lyricism. One of the collection's songs, "Who Are You", exemplifies this most to date. It speaks of his human experience, like so many, being influenced by the dynamics of spiritual and secular leanings as well as the entropy of what's considered his Leo/Virgo cusp's battle + his stasis in a beloved limbo. Even the subtle hints of Dionne Warwick's "Deja Vu" detected in the composition are telling of his thoughts' travels across times we (don't) know all too well. At the very least, I did notice in one shot that the brother and I have the same sneakers. [WATCH Bilal - "Who Are You" (video)]

Only a few days later, the media of popular culture offered its hardest jolts thus far to conservative Christian politician Christine O'Donnell via claims of her former satanic witchcraft involvement as well as (more) sexual misconduct by a popular Atlanta area Bishop Eddie Long. What does it all mean to you? What does it and do you say of the times we live in?

These are just some of the 'knews' items on the radar this week, also found in part at my main place. If you will, let's build in p(e)ace or just gawk or 'tawk amongst yourselves'. I look forward.


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