Look Alive

02 July 2011

A company...meant

I'd always enjoyed the heart and art inherent to the missionaries' home, but
on a night when their company & shelter were needed , these woodcrafts
exuded even more beauty. It was also the woman of the house's birth-
day! In celebration of it and the way God handles ALL beneath yet
within Him, I call this one "Beholding Knewness".

I call this one "Carrying Her Potential". The egg's protective placement
behind her brings themes of humility and hindsight to mind as well.

26 June 2011

How's this for a thumbnail?

Unconcerned with a nearby daddy-long-legs, the brook (that actually soothes me very much) or my field exam, a little frog friend stopped close by to say hello

where there are frogs (this time the size of my pinky nail), often, there are lily & dragonfly... God be praised for His beauty on this Sunday & beyond!