Look Alive

06 July 2012

To Peace

It lives in Salaam, shalom and even Shlomo. While Salem, Salome, salami and other related words
might have developed contrary implications to it over time, the soul purpose is peace.

The Biblical King Solomon has long been touted as one of the wisest people ever born. It was the highest frequency of his energy that recently came to mind during a conversation on human nature and its sometimes supernatural feats of (in)humanity. When the dynamic discourse visited suffering, namely from abuse of all kinds, we agreed that the conditions were likely to create further sexual and/or emotional deviance in the victims; forms of perversion or power-seeking that seemed to narrow one's options to the plight of pimps and prostitutes. An old testament of the latter is key to today's post, so there's no need for alarm regarding my choice of words or corresponding song. Lord knows Life gets down and dirty sometimes, so I'm grateful for the omnipresence of what poet Nancy Thomas calls a "Hard God".

The third chapter of 1 Kings presents the former prince-turned-preacher with two members of the aforementioned profession. Bittersweetly, Solomon's family -- the root of Jesse that branched into adulterous parents; homicidal, incestuous siblings and then the Messiah -- had yielded all the practice he would need to provide right leadership like that which discerned the liar from among the pair of freaks, so to speak. Due to earnest relations with the Most High, the options expected, if not encouraged, by the family's dysfunction expanded to include the proverbial fifth element of prudence.

Having argued or otherwise engaged with foolishness before, I understand what it was to be mistaken, however briefly, for the same. For example, receiving "Again?" as a response to my first and only sharing of serious events with some believed to know me well followed by a third-party feeding of information only they knew was enough to pause my calling on them even for dire reasons. As 1 Kings 11 and Nehemiah 13 attest, the false dominion of his many wives' deities and thighs would temporarily confuse the king and dim his light. In our respective seasons, the merit of consecration (cleansing and setting something aside for spiritual purposes) became clear to us both. Past mistakes were rendered powerless save to inform and enhance the positive, larger Message.

The earlier conversation's good spirits as well as the classic Jodeci remix track that came to mind reframing the king's activity grew distant from the perpetual present and notion to post here. With the delivery of a raw diet women's health newsletter subscription on this morning's wings, I was subject to the ticklishly blessed assurance that "If you think it's about your thighs, it's not" and encouraged to share my sentiments anyway. May It all serve God's will well. Case closed.