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08 March 2011

Bein' There

Since childhood, I have enjoyed learning about the commemorations that are assigned to each month. The various holidays and observances that broke the monotony of studies offered refreshment and a certain sense of joy that was hard to frown upon. True, we learn over time that some festivals and the like have negative origins that we would be wise not to celebrate, as they contradict the Will of the Most High God in our lives. There are three associations with March, however, that I believe to be harmless and dear.

Whether as a writer, musician or social servant, the themes of health & wellness and, of course, "herstory" have been major parts of my humble Life's work for over a decade. Some of you reading directly or through remote feeds may even recall the ambitions of my first literary project of that same primary title -- and the disastrous attacks of the enemy on all my accounts and relationships to try stopping its completion and manner of ministry. Oddly yet so gratefully, the Almighty used it as a refining fire in my own living story that served to identify and remove the dross inside and out. Trials are universal, so I'm certain many people -- even the women of the pre-19th Amendment era that the t-shirt immediately below acknowledges -- can say "hey, I've been there!"

Of those trying times that occasionally make their way into Life, the pains of hunger, kidney disease and malnutrition -- even without the wasteful spirit, alcohol abuse and financial hardship that may contribute to these ills -- sometimes strike our loved ones or ourselves without warning. Just this weekend, news that a jovial and active uncle of mine is now silent in a coma while undergoing dialysis came suddenly on the heels of the good time I shared with some sisters.** A preventative lifestyle, proper medical attention and a good bean here and there in our diets will promote health. Contributing fervent prayer to God, the Divine Healer, in Christ and sharing the lightness of His Holy Spirit in times of varied dis-ease is even greater medicine in my opinion.

On this International Women's Day, tomorrow for World Read Aloud Day, for the rest of this month and beyond, I encourage us to be there for each other as the Lord instructs and allows. May God bless us to AMPLIFY the Rhema* Word as, with the remnant of this Life!

~ from the heart of this woman ~

"GeneSis" (c) Psalmbody/PMLLC :||: April 2010

* Renz, Art. The Word of His Power. http://www.hissheep.org/messages/the_word_of_his_power.html. Retrieved 2011-03-08.
** [3/13/11 UPDATE] By Grace, my uncle is now improving and lucid enough to receive and recognize visitors.
To God be the glory for our lessons and blessings!

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