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25 October 2010

INSIGHTS :: week of 10.24.10 :: Mm...

OK, I'm more than a millionaire in mind and Spirit. At the time of writing, however, the bank account did not yet reflect the same status. So be that. A first, random view of Patti Stanger's show tonight tickled me something wonderful. Love in five non-negotiable points?! It may or may not be that simple and calculated, but it's worth a thought. Here goes...

My man must embody:
  • openness and obedience to the Almighty Most High
  • respect (for Life, for himself, family, his peers, his enemies/challenges -- if or how a man fights and wins his battles speaks volumes, *for me*)
  • a balanced and effective work ethic, preferably applied to what he really loves & excels at that
  • honesty, humor, intelligence, humility, (physical-emotional) strength, adventure and (self-)control that harmlessly keeps me on my toes while making us both better
  • an undeniably attractive and monogamous connection with me, God-ordained, passionate and dynamic enough to stay bubbling into healthy, blessed results we can sustain (mutual goals, children, etc.) without exploding into disaster
Wait, was that more than five? Oy! ;)

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