Look Alive

31 October 2010

PROPER GANDER. :: Readership

Up, past, and away!
Anger and disappointment are so costly
When considering who's the boss, s/he
foolishly tried to destroy an eternal Enterprise
The decision came instead of earnest discussion
Defying reason not to Love, s/he rushed against
any space s/he occupied

Point hand strong
an imp in the throngs of pride
is what s/he'd become
all the while seeing the other in that light
Had s/he forgotten all the trust and travels
that saw only trysts and tights
not even far off from other school-age starry eyes
I won't cry - I will just forgive & live
What does it matter if s/he never loved

S/he noticed the evolution of a creature like
an undeserving rest
Instead, s/he slept
throughs dreams of mindless fun
then awakened, refreshed
knowing the best would come
with resolve -- not revenge -- in stride

S/he learned hard as s/he forged
the bridge s/he destroyed
that air castles need the right foundation
or moat, it be
How many more saved ideas could
leave the box if they chose
had it not been for perspective
and blessing ghosts to float
away from...
up to levels that yield only peace to

Let's see our own hands fully
in the midst of nebulous faults
Cherish the wonderful treasure
of spiritual vaults
and emerge from every fire
as pure gold
You have been told

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