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21 December 2010

KNEWS :: Sighs, Matters

(c) Trevor Riggen

Changes of season take place in much of North America four times a year, but the coincidence of December 20/21's Winter solstice and total lunar eclipse is a reported rarity. The phenomenon occurs when the Earth essentially stands between the light play of the Sun and Moon, hiding and slightly reddening the lesser body against what was a dark sky in my neck of the woods then. I believe such an alignment of three planets is also known as a "syzygy", which I perceive as having an odd kinship to the word "sizing" only asking 'why, why, why' within its unique appearance.

During the early phases of the heavenly movement, my main website's server and a few other sites I accessed in the surf had undergone system maintenance that presented minor setbacks and underscored the event's suggestion to pause 'business as usual'. That downtime's late night or otherwise lunar news of positive relief efforts found its place among negative reports of disease and death. Similarly, the First Lady's health promotion efforts met with the frosty reception of a "food fight". Even NYC's poetic commuter pick-me-ups are taking a back seat to more structured service info for straphangers. No good news or even positive approaches to solving the bad news is at the popular fore. For the moment, contrast is the headline.

Obscure, almost frustrating answers may arise when questioning these humbling and equalizing accounts. This is to be expected  as the blockage of light can make it very hard to discern, or size things up, if relying only on the natural senses. Thankfully, peace and perspective are available beyond mundane reason. Let's stay tuned to these stories as they develop.

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