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04 December 2010


"God Is."
"Peace / Love"

These are just two examples from my playlist's recent choices. Surely there are many other pairings acted upon, stated and thought about in this high-stress global environment where chilly attempts to force good people to curse "damn you" are as common as a "bless you" response to any of our billions of sneezes. Question is, if we know better and have a choice as to whether or not we lower our vibrations, why stoop? Then, if we believed an occasion really called for it and such a decision was made, why settle and stay (or try to keep another) down on that level in the name of strength? To let the Living Word and even a certain Dr. Emoto tell it, it actually doesn't get much weaker than that. His water crystal energy work particularly brings to mind the importance of sharing an encouraging, light heart with each other, particularly the young people and women both credited with being the most watery of our species. As right Word vibration is credited with much of the power and/or practice that created the entire universe, it's safe to say that I'd like to keep my little piece of it sound -- with goodness!

  • 50 Cent - "Amusement Park" [instrumental]
  • Blue Magic - "Sideshow"
  • Fertile Ground - "June"
  • John Legend - "Show Me" and "Shine" 
  • Sounds of Blackness - "I Believe"
  • Stevie Wonder - "If It's Magic"
  • Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers - "Brotherly Sisterly Love"

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