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31 December 2010

A Meeting in the Ladies Room (The Time is 'NYE'!)

Happy New Year's Eve!

Have I told you that God is wonderful? Did I need to? Nah... but it doesn't hurt! I absolutely Love Life and all the brothers and sisters in it with me! Our struggles achieve the status of beautiful once we know to bring the sheaves of our lessons to the table and share the wisdom. Having been equally comfortable as a solitary and social being, I've often leaned in the direction of healthy discovery: studying whatever harmless thing was labelled with a "no", traveling where not everybody goes, befriending mostly boys because being a girl was something I'd already known.

At this point of adulthood, it's very plain to see that insisting on a counter-everything approach could pose its problems, including simple misunderstanding. Generally speaking:
  • There is a solid foundation to be benefited from by honoring the right "yes".
  • Some corners of the world have no visitors because they're dangerous or uninhabitable.
  • Straightforward with expressing their disappointment and pleasure as I appreciate many of them to be, some guys have absolutely no desire to 'just talk' at any time, especially late at night. 
Getting to really know and love all my girls (even the permanent, internal one) has been a process, involving a moderately-sized room mostly filled with faces that have been familiar since ribboned plaits, expressing our blossoming femininity in jest with silly terms such as "fabulocious" or "sexypocious" and all that! Hills and valleys notwithstanding, by the Grace of God, I wouldn't trade any worldly thing for my journey!

Growing up, my mother spoke so well about a certain two or three she would go to school or the club with. Even if they had minimal funds, food, drink, transportation and safety for everybody was a given. Each made sure the other looked stunning in the bright lights of their own lanes. If something was out of place, girlfriend had your back -- and not on her iPhone preparing to share evidence of a dress hem that made its way into the band of your undergarments with Cyberia, either. The names and notions of the others' men were off-limits unless somehow necessary. The pot-luck was goooood!

My grandmother's best friend may as well have been my trampoline the way I loved and showed her frequent presence in the home since age two. To this day, even after Mama's passing, her metamorphosis into a tried-and-true sounding board made of sweet wood still stands or, more appropriately, sits. Witnessing my goddaughter's excitement after visiting an American Girl shop with her bestie was also a blessing, as it was something they could enjoy together. Finding a doll that looked like them was their only agenda -- and with a spritely adult's help -- they succeeded creatively. It was a moment straight out of the "Darling sisters" playbook on the Cosby Show! What a cherished circle of Life!

For different reasons and in different ways, all those ladies have asked "what happened to the sisters I used to know? Where are they?" I believe the answer is "right here" within each of us! We've always been daughters and students, but we are also blessed to be wives, mothers, professionals! Even if the way we apply the quiet determination those roles develop has gone from making it through winter break without playdate overload and withdrawal to being rehabilitated from an accident, performing a successful surgery or making it to watch night service after cooking and cleaning, there is so much to honor within the responsibilities on and before our paths. To incorporate the phraseology of a talented poet named Universe, sometimes that duty is as simple as being the "keep-her" we would like on our own team.

* Please check back here later for some beautiful "be" footage
once Xtranormal decides to let me type movies too LOL *

Don't just OK anything the (inner) sister brings your way if it comes as blame, undue competition, harmful habits from gossip to overeating to a nasty princess attitude. Bring the Truth to her! Not once, in passing, before throwing her to wolves. Do it honestly and gently or with privately focused fire, if necessary. Do it for your Life and that of any sister out there who could fit a shirt that reads "Me". Do it even by muting the TV when one of the many Hollywood popstars or housewives distorts your vision of reality. Do it for the good brother she will have or already has married; the wellbeing of the home, family and our global community.

You were born fancy because the Lord of All's craftsmanship designed your beauty. Never mind waving at anyone in the 'club' vicinity, "hating" for friends to see. Smile from the heart when they look, offering witness to and reverence of God's glory!
We rebuke the sisterhood of Samaria as Aholah and Jerusalem as Aholibah
under Sodomic influence!
We seal the rift between Euodia and Syntyche with a holy kiss!
We are restored daughters of Zion; a renewed Hagar and Sarah, Leah and Rachel: Loved by our Father and every Mary that decently attends to the Lord!
Fellow "keep-her", we got this!

Today, on the "Eve" of a new year, let's consider the concept of original womanhood and its best reflections. To every sparkling sister whose 'voice' has been a healing balm or wake-up alarm in this life: know with security that we are Loved by the Source of all Love and need only serve Him truly, sharing that love from here on! He has already calmed the storm. Go ahead and step out!

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