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04 February 2011


Yesterday, I pulled up in a parking lot, stopping the CD I enjoyably threatened to deafen myself with for a moment. In the seconds between turning the ignition off and stepping out, the radio played the same song I just parted with. A smile. Approaching my destination and walking to the counter, a man had taken his place beside me and attended to his own business.

Just then, another woman, Liberian in spirit if not nationality according to the little flag that adorned her rearview mirror, pulled up playing Mary J. Blige's 1994 insta-classic "Be Happy". Counter-man and I had a "Night at the Roxbury"-esque bop in stereo and laughed with each other at the random, innocent link before parting ways. Two smiles.

Later, a phone customer service rep and I discussed a matter. The cost she originally cited was a bit steep, almost ending our call and a particular hope with "Thank you for your help. Good bye." After an abrupt, "oh, wait a minute...", she mentioned the appearance of a rare, lower rate than either of us had expected. I jokingly told her that my ears were now registering her voice very clearly and we concluded our conversation in ever joyful spirit. Three, four, more...

Today's title bears more than an unexpected resonance with the name of this Blogger template, but a reminder that the unseen connects so much of our reality also. Righteousness, peace, joy and love as well as their opposites of foulness, pain, sorrow and hatred aren't necessarily visible as we encounter them, but the attention and response we give them are often what gains tangible expression by producing associated experiences. In the pursuit or as a result of any of these, we can choose to hurt or heal.

Sometimes we use machines for ease in either process. Even in those times when the bodily houses of our spirits operate as said machines, drudging away at tasks, it is great to ask for, seek and claim the Most High's guidance thereof, knowing, believing and knowing again that the blessing will be given and maintained only for the good of glorifying God.

A quick view of Merriam-Webster online reminded me that the adjective "ethereal" formally refers to what is "beyond the earth", "heavenly", "celestial", "otherworldly" and regarding "a chemical ether", the latter of which is often colorless, odorless and otherwise without detectable form in its airbound nature. What is now considered alternative medicine even considers ether a unique element.

Hey, the official fact that Luther Campbell is running for mayor of Miami-Dade County is arguably out-of-this world too!

Regardless, dictionaries, other such reference texts and the daily news are but a small fragment of Divine Knowledge, as it's deeply felt, lived and shared on the path to understanding. Matthew 12 is among the scriptures that powerfully teach the importance of our mindfulness regarding the Grace or ghosts we allow within our systems. I am so grateful for the Word and the Life it gives any receptive spirit.

Some time ago, I learned of a neighbor's complaint via our building's management that there was stomping and chanting reported from within my apartment at some ungodly hour of morning. In an instant, the place where I rested my head, the hardworking family downstairs' peace of mind, my engagement to a growing yet good gentleman friend and much of my attention for work and study were all compromised if not lost!

Outside belief and support in this trying time were so few and far between, which hurt even more, but any potential bitterness was rendered impotent the moment I placed myself in my loved ones' shoes. Some things really are stranger than fiction and require staunch faith to perceive then move past them!

The terrible fear, shock and upsets that the allegation caused (like the power behind it) were temporary, however, and are eternally conquered by the Truth which saw fit to make its way to my aid. As the only person with natural access to the residence at the time, my then "graveyard" shift job -- complete with cameras, passkey access and other living vessels working into the day alongside me -- bore the proof that removed me from such deadly folly. God be praised!

The experience was one of a few that finally kept me at the feet of my Savior with reverence and in turn placed His feet of peace in me, so as to walk worthily and upright. I didn't realize such a radical call was necessary to get what may well have been my cyberspaced-out attention where it belonged all the time, but I've happily stood still or advanced step-by-step every day since. After all, nobody told me the road would be easy, but I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me.*

This century's virtual realm of vocal simulations such as auto-tune, photo retouching and failed servers is not flawless. I AM, however suggesting that upgrading the virtue of our lives in faith-full service to God, Is; Holy Will be manifest. With or without view, may we be rightfully guided to an untouchable inner lightness where we won't feel hard-driven to give of that energy with cheer!

* from the spiritual, "No Ways Tired"

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