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13 February 2011

Going A.P.E.!

Growing in Godly affinity and character with our loved ones is a powerful process that only the Most High can justify at times! The weekend was full of movies, music and episodes to help some 'lose their heads' in romantic fantasy. Of course, the reality of true Love is a daily gift offered without request. It continues its Life in the food preparation, prayers, quality time, other faithful works and even space we give following our rising. As I did a sister's hair tonight, we noticed the attack-laden reunion of TV women in passing and turned away if not for our souls' sake then certainly for the sides that threatened to split from their funny antics.

The most judgmental and brash yet 'correct' of them offered an unfamiliar variation on an adage about the nature of guilt that went something like 'A hit dog will holler!' You may as well have called us two pups in rush hour-like joke traffic, 'cause we hollered like no one's business for those few seconds! Did it help that the cute Pedigree Dentastix commercial and its parody of 'doggie dentures' also came on? Absolutely not! Our surprise with the antagonist's impassioned contradictions wasn't out of hand, though. The man of the house hadn't even heard or seen exactly what we found so amusing, but he caught our infectious joy -- without harm and as the best digestive for a great dinner!

Earlier this morning, the founder of my women's prayer circle sent us a text celebrating true joy. Somewhere along the way, we will all have to call upon such healthy reserves when we find family, spouses, friends, colleagues, ourselves and Life-at-large to be rough around the edges. Depending upon how that lower energy appears on the scene, the cuddly bears, doves and swans and other proverbial expressions of base animal nature we're conditioned to associate with love may prove mild in comparison and simply insufficient for a rightful connection. Between our creation and the radical nature of evolution in Christ, I say "just go A.P.E.!"

You might be thinking, "Oh yeah... She's done exactly that! Now what concern should we have with monkeys of any kind?" Well, I'm glad you asked! :) Please remember:

Agape - openness, as in the case of a door, and the unconditional type of Love that God has for us
Most Holy God, keep my eyes, mind, heart and soul open only to the Truth which You place within each of us to be shared for Your glory. Help me, even as David did Saul, to see (whomever you are led to pray for) as precious as You do, allowing me to Love us both despite all I may not know as well as those uncomfortable things that do show.  

Philos - friendship and the partial foundation of our studies and beliefs
Because of Your endless examples of Love ~ from the sacrifice of Christ to the comfort of the Holy Spirit right on to the partnership of the rain with the earth ~ You teach me to be a better friend and confidante to Your fellow children and of Your mysteries. Keep Your Holy Spirit with/in me all-ways, so I may introduce others to Your premier friendship.

Eros - physical, sexual love and poetic license with the past tense of "erase"
As the Creator of Love, the One Who ordained marriage and formed every body with the nature to appeal to and connect with another, please keep my senses in line with Your Will. Help me to trust and honor the partner You cho(o)se for me to be sealed unto, keeping our love sacred and fulfilling. Also help me to leave behind those energies or habits that don't edify You, all-ways and forever.

See? No barrels required! One Love.

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