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01 March 2011

TRINITY TALKS: With Christ, the Cross Going On...

For the month of March, 1 Samuel's chapters seemed a good study choice for the 31 days; preparation for a change of spiritual (sea)son being the prayer of Hannah. Following the Gospel path paved first by Matthew the 'tax man' then the restoration road of Zephaniah may add some spring to our steps as well.

As I ran an errand on the first day of the month, the above "message" awaited. I came back here to add it to the scriptural links and share some mutual encouragement, namely: whichever of the books are chosen, let our walks be ever closer and more pleasing to the Lord. Maybe a "well done" will be in order at the end of the road.

1 Samuel                      Matthew
Week 1                      Week 1
Week 2                      Week 2
Week 3                      Week 3
Week 4                      Week 4
plus three                      plus three

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