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22 March 2011

One Way...

"Freedom of Choice" ('88 til Infinity)
(c) Psalmbody/PMLLC
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This street junction as well as millions of other sights, sounds and scents shaped my early growth back in Queens. Needless to say, the appeal of life and death, blessings and curses, God and idols is available to everyone daily. Do we train our sights on things and energy above or, as then fellow local and occasionally spotted schoolgirl crush Kamaal Ibn John Fareed (né Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest) opposed, make "time to wallow in the mire"? The answer is actually very simple and plain to see. The quests we send our ions on for understanding, however, seldom are.

Sadly, wrong turns, distorted reflections, laying claim to energy and even positive imagery that isn't ours happen. Count to 10 if you must, count the present blessings and count on God to handle then reveal the rest at Will. Regardless of where I am physically, victimhood is not a state I subscribe to. That just wouldn't befit a daughter of the King (nor would it be very New York). Between discerning the thorns, applying pressure to small cuts and finally savoring the Holy Spirit's fragrance, though, the Word said "psst... tolerance to the point of hopefully teaching the Way of Christ by example is a better, very New You."

Having loved living near the corner of Babylon before, a move of God and makeover were certainly in order. I happen to find my do very becoming! Never mind that some may misunderstand or not like your look, it will fit perfectly! Heaven and Earth bear witness to the new style our Maker will design of your life. The Door yet stands open for us to step lively through to our liberty. That being said, the month of March is almost over, but by His Grace, we will go forward. Take the time you are gifted and choose where you will go, what you will do and how. Left. Right.

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