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30 March 2011

Mommy See, Mommy Do... Better

When it comes to a couple of this week's news items, Mum (or some guardians' decision to remain so in the face of healthy childrearing choices) seems to be the popular word.

Recently, clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch marketed "push up" bikini tops to the young girls of their "kids" line. When met with a harsh public response, they performed a bait-and-switch, removing "padded" from the name as sales of the merchandise continue. As I read further, thoughts of the earlier breastfeeding doll resurfaced.
"Greedy Baby" (c) 2009 Berjuan

Almost every living thing learns plenty by watching and practicing what registers to our senses and spirits. Girls and boys see bigger ones and want to wear what, walk how they do. Similarly, qualities or items appeal to men and women, then we somehow conform to be part of them, so the idea of children pretending to suckle babies is neither vulgar nor new. Many peers and I did so at least once back then. Sure, we mouthed our own sounds and didn't need aptly placed nipple flowers to do it. But in our current digital age of access and selective transparency, should we decide to feed virtual pets or the like, an app could probably 'help' us.

Of the many things children could be doing, then, continuing to play with dolls on occasion isn't that bad. An 8-year-old brandishing a pout of Botox, however, seems to leave nothing to be desired in its particular pursuit of making her larger than the Life the Almighty gradually infuses us with. All the focus on mammaries and no 'mommies' in these fashions is not very flattering; possibly making for plumped, if not dull, girls. Considering the varied 'flaws' that come naturally to every person and piece of produce, hopefully, we will learn to imitate and feed upon a better Way for the children within and around us.

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