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14 April 2011

(simply) Wow! - part 2

A quick glimpse of the Web's offerings today showed me new sides of the world's creative bent.

While I embody and appreciate the artistic soul in my own way, especially when clever works like those linked above are involved, the creations featured here simply made me say wow; the "spew-tacular" opening slide for different reasons, of course.

The mere mention of "blood" is also misunderstood and makes some people very queasy. If much of the various online commentary is any indication, the following uncommon scents are no exception. Possible cross-marketing tactics to appeal to vampire culture fanatics and the like notwithstanding, this actually appears to be a very keen, biospecific approach to the art of perfumery which has always played with our hormones and senses.

Update: My cousin shared images of a few, very creative plastic bags, one of which actually connects with the perfume, so I had to come back and share here. My guess is that the very cute Greenpeace bag is made only of recycled paper :) 

If only I'd known about Prince's reduced concert prices in time...

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