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26 July 2011

I Love the Lord

Last weekend's passing of the young British singer Amy Winehouse was but an example of the tragedy that sometimes accompanies Life, as harshly or even mildly lived. Although excessive emotional, drug and alcohol abuse defined much of the "Rehab" singer's public persona, the cause of the 27-year-old's death has not been officially released to date. The soulfulness of her voice earned her a place of appreciation in my sonic memory alongside a few of her UK contemporaries so much so that such an arguably natural repercussion was still rather unexpected amidst the relative silence between album projects. Common as at least one of the three above-named maladies are to the young and/or famous, I am compelled to repeat last week's sentiment of no one's exemption from the need to let God infuse and direct our attachments, medicines and cups instead.

As God is One of restoration, famed vocalist Whitney Houston is an earthly treasure who may represent to some both once and future polish in the almost 48 years she is still sharing with us in song and body. Hers has long been a powerful voice beloved and then bemoaned as alleged drug use severely compromised its appeal to the masses. Few eyes were left dry and hearts untouched by her work on the 1996 film remake, The Preacher's Wife, and its soundtrack. One such selection, "I Love the Lord" with the Mississippi Mass Choir, was said to have been recorded and released from within the eye of her storms -- and the heart of God. Sounds a bit like the Psalmist's story...

Having sung that particular song version many times and walked in the vicarious shoes of the film's character well before any interaction with a few marriage-related devotionals recently, the different yet complementary duties of spouses in ministry have been at the fore of my mind, heart and soul. Know first that, because I am indeed a single woman in the world's eyes, I am unashamed to be seen as a novice on this topic. Some ne'er wed academics in related fields and even married people have just as much if not more to learn, which is actually a good thing for all involved should truly knowing and growing as (with) a supportive partner be included in Love's definition. I digress...

I generally cherish the masculine principle as Being beautiful in its direct strength. The proverbial black-and-white of its arrows and vectors do serve great purpose. Embodying the feminine principle as I do, the bold, living color of curved lines and points made also has great merit. It would be quite a challenge for our natural world and healthy systems to thrive only on one or the other, though. Neither earth nor the cosmos are without dynamic circles (or relations that change) and flat as once presumed. Why, then, is it so easy for a man called to the mission of ministry, for instance, to set his approach as the mark of success and effectiveness or expect his method to be utilized by his female counterpart and vice-versa, encouraging a blind eye and deaf ear to the Holy Spirit Who dwells within unique proportions? Didn't they each come to 'see and hear' God's power, albeit unified in righteous, Divine purpose? Unnecessarily compromised opinions have no connection to the Lord's dominion.

Just as none of us completely know the higher thoughts and ways of God, whose heart for the devoted Bride is infinite, it seems unGodly to demand of those we love the perfection we will never attain despite the best ability of our flawed beauty. Simply as the picture below stated, by first knowing and Loving God, we can abide by Divine quality standards and love ourselves. From there, we can get to know and love our neighbors. Let another witness more than the aspects of wrath, superiority, terseness, judgment and force in us where applicable. Truth as patience, humility, fluidity, compassion and power are of God too. As I learn, I love you.

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