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15 July 2011

intention / extension

Yesterday afternoon, a humbly inspired installation elsewhere met with some technical uploading difficulties. The following are a few more of the insights i intended to display from among the past two weeks' encounters. 

The Word teaches of stumbling as a phenomenon suffered even on the paths of some of the proverbial elect. Regaining one's footing and standing firm with/in the Almighty's grace may allow our vessels to see and navigate the landscape more clearly.

Here's to heal-thy visions while roadtripping! 
The junk shun

"Psylent R/evolution"
[Below, closer: From left to right / 'Step aside' / The Most High calls: are you gonna go...?]



Pillow f(l)ight

Finally, this written piece, courtesy of Crosswalk.com via a wire news service, was actually found just before logging out here and adds another, albeit unexpected, dimension to the 'sign language' displayed.

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