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10 December 2011


After encountering the beautiful Mary J. Blige song on Blip.fm that corresponds to this post #81 for the year (see the lower left "...and Now" section of the page), I learned the related link was disabled. Although that sound was eclipsed from aligning with these and even higher purposes, let's "leave it..." there and appreciate all we can of today's gifts.


Word of the Day

December 10, 2011
  • adytumaudio pronunciation\ad-i-tuhm\ noun
1. A sacred place that the public is forbidden to enter; an inner shrine.

2. The most sacred or reserved part of any place of worship.

Adytum  is from the Greek roots a-  meaning “not” and -dyton  meaning “to enter.”

Source: Dictionary.com


Word of the Day

December 10, 2011
  • compendiousaudio pronunciation\kum-PEN-dee-us\ adjective
: marked by brief expression of a comprehensive matter : concise and comprehensive; also : comprehensive
Source: m-w.com

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