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27 January 2012

Already Home (A Hopin' Letter)

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Dear YOU -

Which came first?

The sin nature's impulsive rush or the patience to deny and endure it?

The bull's eye akin to the chief of all Adinkra symbols or the bow-taut arrow that pierces through it?

The God in you or the God in me?

As adult as "taunting" and "temptation" may seem, they're really quite juvenile in nature. Truth be told,  that is the reason I seldom yield the expected response to them, certainly to the chagrin of the Perpetrator and possibly so to the puppet(s). They pop up on occasion and dangle before me seeking vain apology, shame or submission, refusing to take the hint of my non-compliance. To each his or her own. My only concern is if I could help heal the strings' pain or encourage the work past the bondage once the p(e)ace of revelation has been achieved in a healthy way.

No tricks required, the last question was a treat of sorts. Many years ago, I wrote a song called "Habit" for an upcoming girl group. Their lead singer was a beautiful young lady with a talent for hairdressing -- and an active 'jones' for a married man. Standing next to her one day back then, "Help me Lord, because I know just what I do..." seeped silently from her soul and onto my paper. Beside myself now with gratitude for that early vicarious lesson, I also appreciate the lyric with different, personal applications. Though He trains our hearts and minds to discern folly and our hands for war (with the pen or duller weapons), the moment we are tempted to ignite or easily sweep and dispose of evil's volatile, ignorant dust, we can focus instead on a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit, to eat freely of the Fruit -- namely self-control -- available to all of us by the choice to change.

It is sad but true that I, too, have been very stubborn about heeding certain Godly instructions. Needless to say, you will continue to be yourselves as, if it suits you. Gladly, Ecclesiastes 3:11 teaches that the Most High "makes EVERYTHING beautiful in its time" and those Fruit contain the 'enzymes' to help us digest the harder truths, brighten our countenances and assist the elimination of waste. Barring the disrespect of that Spirit, we are forgiven and Loved enough to taste the goodness of Him. I hope you'll join me as I make myself a(t) home.

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