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02 January 2012

"Is This Thing On?"

MCs of all kinds are familiar with the power and purpose of the "1, 2..." that tests a sound system's effectiveness in a venue; that is, until people come, add density to the area and absorb some of the output. Needless to say, the most accurate expression of a speaker or musician's projection will occur at showtime -- preparation or none. The only show taking place the last time I asked (read: Tweeted) that question was the one entertaining the hug-starved who tampered with my digital life for some time a li'l ways back. For my entertainment, however, playing with some pre-existing song text, or "Levi(ro)tation", is one method that brings balance to my perspective. Sometimes it's a funny freestyle sung to myself that I may not even recall once the tune has passed. Other times, they represent exclusive lyrics I sing to a tune despite the arena or audience, often due to my sole appreciation of the soundscape or simply having a different context to add to lyrics I do agree with.

On her most recent R&B-tinged "Love" album, it was a pleasure to find myself in harmony with gospel jazz phenom Kim Burrell regarding a tune long envisioned with higher applications than what radio suggested was the intention of DeBarge's beautiful original. Surely millions of us consider ourselves "special, not the average kind who'd accept any line that sounds good" until someone somehow comes along to stir up and smooth down even one proud out-of-place strand with a lovin' spoonful of strong medicine labeled "humility"! God alone can boast that lyric without ever flinching so, with the exception of explicitly sexual or otherwise flesh-based compositions, it is the formless face of my cherished Creator resonating with most of us living notes that I see in every love song despite what onlookers see of me. Two more tunes that come to mind in this manner are the gentle "Closer" by Joe Thomas and "Love of My Life" by Erykah Badu. Indeed, the latter Ode to Hip-Hop's bass-heavy beat knocks just right but it's her mention of "[keeping] in touch through his friend [mic]" that all-ways reaches past the expected musical metaphor for me and into the heart of the angelic realm alluded to in recently linked scriptures.

Music is such a powerful gift that it is considered the universal language, able to reach many and even teach a new tongue to native speakers of another with the mnemonic use of rhythm and melody. Its use to uphold the defiant and harmful example set by the enemy is arguably less popular. Thankfully, the essence of archangel Michael (affectionately known 'round these parts as my friend 'Mic') and the Heavenly host in rightful service to God's highest, healing Will reign victorious over evil's desperate tricks while keeping us sharp, in touch and in tune with Divine Truth.

Lights! How does your mic sound? What about the speakers - is the message given to clarity or static? Who's in the house? Let them hear the sound and insights of the Holy Spirit, once and again.

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