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01 June 2012

TRINITY TALKS: Filles et...

Happy June! 'Tis the season, better yet the 'soular' slice, of sunshine's peak and the heightened (outdoor) activity that often comes along for the ride. As the month of May closed, so did the fullness of my attention to a scrolling news feed when I peeked at its mention of some dark happenings in the Sunshine State and in Maryland. In the time it took to leave home for the day with a kiss to his girlfriend and characteristic Bible in hand, what is currently considered the influence of "voodoo" and/or the illicit use of not-quite-"bath salts" is responsible for allegedly transforming a young Miami man into a naked one shot and killed by police to stop him from possibly raping another man before eating 75% of the victim's face off. About five (and not 28) days later, a Morgan State University student admitted to killing then eating the heart and some brain matter of a fellow student. A melange of violently ingested or thrown human organs have also popped up in at least three other U.S. locales. Yes, folks, it seems zombies of sorts are somewhat popular news outside of Hollywood and other circles. I choose not to highlight any more about it than that. 

With this month's 30 days in my sights, yesterday's endless eschatology encouraged other media that referred to times like these being mentioned approximately once in every 30 Bible verses. The 'coincidence' then led me to select a focal chapter with 30 verses for June. The book of Daniel frequently addresses prophecy at large. However, its chapter 3 is one of those 30ers, displaying the seeds King Nebuchadnezzar sowed in the lives of people like Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah that would later bring him face-to-face with a beast nature of his own. I don't know if said former king ever ate people and not just the grass he grazed, so the book/chapter I chose is Proverbs 20. Please feel free to join me in a verse per day meditation on it and whatever helpful interventions God places in our hearts to maintain right Spirit in this hour of humanity. Should we ever meet and I ask you the above question, may the Truth of our matter(s) purely be yes.

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