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04 September 2012

Inherit the Vision

Recent days reminded me of the dynamic Love labors we engage along what appear to be endless miles, the verdant places revealed by an occasional christening with light. Of our communities, the youngest seeds are often most potent with possibility and vulnerable to the threat of harm. In sustaining a healthy and effective community at-large, then, consider "the importance of art in the healing process of children in conflict and poverty. 'Research is showing that in societies where there is no structured healing process, they’re more likely to return to war.' ... 'Artists play a very important role in creating the symbols, the climate, and space for peace and healing.'" Fancy myself an artsy psalmbody as I might, where therapeutic creativity and adorning mixed media with color beyond Crayola or Pantech's dreams are concerned, who is like God?

Behold the "Heritage"

of innocence
...in a sense...

beauty-full ones.

~ Today's Biblical text is linked to the music player, just 
on the lower left chamber of this page's heArt as all-ways ~

References: Psalm 37, 140; 1 Corinthians 11; 2 Corinthians 5; 1 Peter 3 (AMP/YLT)

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