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10 January 2013

For Real

Happy Newish Year, all! 

With the Northeast expected to experience unseasonably warm weather with almost two weeks of January behind us, it's wild to realize that the first month of "2013" is moving the way that it is.

While there are some things that have changed so far (by resolution or revolution), needless to say, some things have remained the same... yes, I'm talking about my enjoyment of online dictionary entries and scripture.

According to Merriam-Webster online, January 11 is all about "realia" -- those tangibles that bring our education home and help make it more true-to-life. It's funny, then, that Dictionary.com has made the business week ending on 1/11 draw the curtains on what's false. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and what the typically preemptive, mobile version listed as Friday's word focused on the "pseudo-" in name, habit, form, original style and (unless it changes) attribution/credit respectively. 

Beyond the 1994 Curtis/Schwarznegger movie, truth and the unlike often find themselves in close company; sometimes without that specific intent or any harmful results. For instance, this blog and the accompanying music player were set to Pacific Time by default when I first created the accounts. When posting in the late evening  hours, polarized as the coasts are, a certain limbo presents itself with the time-sensitive collateral data like the midnight-refreshed daily words and devotionals. Some are available for me to cite when they supposedly shouldn't be, encouraging either real-time disclosure like this or the decision to ignore the inspiration and wait for the externally accepted time so as not to look wrong. Keeping up appearances in that sense would be easy, but more often than not, I ask myself "why bother?" and go forward with integrity. Such is faith.

For s/he who can see "It" for all it is and could be, a clear line has been drawn. May the True and Living  God determine the starts/finishes in and through us.


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