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03 March 2013

Just His / Licent...


It evokes thoughts of beatniks dressed in black, stereotypical finger snaps, melodramatic ways of saying 'that' and those indescribable spaces also known as none of the above. Temper, temper now, all you modern-day Calliopes, Eratos and Euterpes; absolutely no disrespect to your Work is intended or offered as I Love my family :) 

The artform did come to the helm of my mind recently, however, because marketing and some of its patterns and packages tickle me. My subconscious has toyed long enough with the convergence of Janet Jackson's sampled appearance on a popular Kendrick Lamar/Drake single, an informal remix featuring Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip as well as mention of her (not-so-new, hush-hush) marriage. It is likely that one set of the guys will never get closer to her than the tribute of their sonic platform. The other individuals have indeed shared good stage, screen and studio space with her, seemingly neither to the benefit nor the detriment of current projects. Then right on time, albeit a year later, mention of the elusive one's nuptials surfaces. I mean, egad! Who plans these things? ...and what exactly is at work: justice or license?

17th century English historical figure Thomas Rhymer is credited with the coinage of the literary "poetic justice" that experienced a pop culture renaissance of sorts via the namesake 1993 film and current song. The term refers to those odd, unexpected and possibly stylish ways that 'right' finds a Way to remain written into the Life script while 'wrong' gets wrung out. Poetic license, on the other hand, is considered a "deviation from fact, form, or rule by an artist or writer for the sake of the effect gained". 

One harmless example of the latter could be my trademark use of parentheses to denote a Divinely timely  delivery of "peace". The word isn't normally punctuated, but I believe my positive intent is underscored by doing so. As calculus and Rosa Parks have already proven, deviations can be standard and outstanding. Deviance can also be akin to harmful behavior, the aim and effect of which is typically licentious or otherwise negative. Choices, choices!

Any time and any place we approach the ​Word, 1 Corinthians is one location where we can receive discernment assistance regarding what we take the liberty to justify. To paraphrase its chapter 6 verse 12 and chapter 10 verse 23, anyone can march to their own beat and do anything s/he wants to. 'Anything' doesn't always make good sense nor is all compromise guaranteed to yield the expected payoff. Please don't be deceived, especially with your own permission.

The journey may not all-ways be safe, but it can be sound. Speak Lord.

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