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17 May 2013


X is a crossroads where those marks already seared into us, resistant to erasure by mere wo/man's might, converge with the often polar terrain ahead. Needless to say, energy of sometimes unknown origins often seeks to malign or align with such important journeys, even without invitation.
Considered differently, the X (or tenth)—arguably talented or otherwise—can represent that liberation, as with the Adamic curse being lifted nine generations later with Noah the ark-builder and father of Shem, Ham and Japheth. Genesis 5:29 in the VOICE translation states that his father Lamech so "named him this because he predicted, 'From out of the ground the Eternal cursed will now come someone who will bring relief from our work and painful toil.'" This anticipated "comfort" of a son would somehow temper the 'powerful', 'wild' and 'lowly' man he had been; a redemptive hope rightfully echoed in the hearts of all who birth something new.
"...And we pray, every day..." for Divine clarity beyond inevitable, human contradictions.
Books and beef brisket are both ill-fated if too many hands try to control their outcome.
The X that came to mind so strongly this month was that of the most recent generation it coarsely describes and two of its members. In an April 2008 TIME article, writer Jeff Gordinier channeled the perceived angst of "Gen-Xers [who felt] colossally invisible" amidst what was later cited as the Y/millennial generation's "bloggy, bling-bling birdsong of me-me-me-me-me sounds". Back in the summer of 1997, it was tragic to learn that Malcolm X's first grandson, then 12, was charged with setting the apartment fire that claimed the physical life of his grandmother, Betty Shabazz. The 28-year-old is reported to have suffered a brutal assault and wrongful death in Mexico on May 9. After years of processing the pressures of walking in the revolutionary activist's footsteps, the young man is illustrated by the Final Call, Amsterdam News and NBC News alike with degrees of discreet respect, as one looking towards positive personal growth. 21-year-old Hofstra University student Andrea Rebello also met an unexpected death, this time by the one police bullet that missed the reported invader of her and her sister's home. From this humble platform, I extend heartfelt condolences of peace and healing as they're needed within both of the families and communities affected by their unfortunate losses.
The generational boom, X or Y, of the former global citizens mentioned here—like human chromosomes—need not render any individual unimportant or superior, but interdependent; a relatively fragile fiber in Creation's greater fabric worthy of becoming even more beautiful in Divine time. May the curses of ignorance and hypocrisy in light of this natural right be checked against our shared human needs, succumbing to billions of blessings towards each other that transcend bars, bullets, colors and the unlike. Letters and numbers aside, exceptional wo/men with the heart to edify our Creator without unnecessary harm are welcome. Thank you for your time.
[5/31/13 UPDATE: See also "Generation X Fares Poorly During Recession"]

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