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17 October 2010

LEVI(RO)TATION :: Jumping Out the Window?! Word is Bourne...

Although the actor is not reported as having bonded himself to filming the fourth installment of the Bourne movies, (Matt Damon's performances in) "Hereafter" and 2011's "The Adjustment Bureau" seem like ones to watch. Of probably much greater significance in recent cinema, however, are "Waiting for 'Superman'" and "Ghetto Physics". Aight dear ones, say no to the ledge, but do the knowledge.

As we were,

  • Blossom Dearie - "Figure Eight"
  • Duke Ellington - "Lotus Blossom"
  • El-P - "T.O.J." instrumental [for resetting the Energy structure of times that need peace]
  • George Benson - "Love x Love" [Listen to the vibe... :)]
  • Kindred - "My Time"
  • Mos Def - "Mathematics" (instrumental)
  • Suite for Ma Dukes Orchestra - "Take Notice"

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