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11 October 2010

INSIGHTS :: week of 10.10.10 :: Chileans Saw Base (and Emerged)

Pledge (the premise and promise of the illusion) - Turn (the point that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary) - Prestige (the resolution and return of what was once believed lost)...

Watching Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman's magician characters spend years enduring a fatal blend of competition provided a moment of oddly entertaining downtime after a dynamic week. Even Scarlett Johannson's sycophantic damsel role was tragicomical as she, too, deceived herself into thinking that (assisting) another man's destructive obsession would equal love for her. I began thinking about the places common sense and one's own radar go when recruited by stories told to assist the dirty work of a "friend". Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar's ambulatory shame for Bill O'Reilly's generalized 9/11 blame on "The View" also surfaced.

Consider the now-famous 33 from the South American country's dusty depths. Whether rising to a complex relationship, the satisfaction of newborn 'hope', ongoing media success or simply a healthy life above ground via the Fenix 2 apparatus, each of those trapped dealt in the dirt for the benefit of his neighbor, with elder wisdom bringing up the rear. That part of the effort didn't spell much sense to me until a recent conversation with my godmother reminded me of wisdom's importance in refining hindsight. Of course, her wanting to see a picture of someone I used to know wasn't nearly as profound as having the 63-year-old "navigator" help ensure the other 32 men's escape, but I trust you get my drift. In order to achieve the rescue without further agitating the surrounding earth, an easy pace up a narrow way had to be employed. With guided patience, a good plan can yield success in the emergent, see?

Certainly some stories that begin at the base of mines will never see the light of day. That doesn't make their impact or the power of God to rectify them any less potent. Chiiile, listen... when the heat is on, even in a controlled lab environment, the elements of our formulae can become unstable and seek release from the darkness by any means. How we get cool or otherwise balance the equation is key. So, have YOU ever been "rockbottom"? Does it seem as bad or, God forbid, worse in comparison to this ordeal? From those places, do we take our time and reach up or do we sooner defy the hearing of faith's call, as well as Midnight Marauders era Q-Tip, and "wallow in the mire" to our further demise? The old folks may arguably say that youth is wasted on the young, but know that wisdom is not (to be) wasted on the 'wise'. Who needs it and seeks it on higher, unselfish levels for keeping yet sharing its Love can also thrive.

P(e)ace and a present,

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