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11 October 2010

LEVI(RO)TATION :: 26 Ways to "Love You to the Letter"

I have yet to marry. A wealth of personal journeys, observations and long-term friendships, especially with males, have granted me what feels like a decently balanced perspective to keep me open only to God's best plan without the need to force or unnecessarily tie any hands. Some have labeled that and other life choices as unmarriageable (and ideal and Black and White and female and 'like a guy' and big and small and boring and wild and old and young and 'hood' and bourgeois and broke and privileged and brilliant and slow and ugly and beautiful...). That's the assumption of opinion & that's ok, because I know I AM -- grateful for ample inspiration to build upon right relationship(s) with/in the All.

Starting with lyrics like "Life is always changing / constant rearranging, but / nothing changes with You", the qualities sung about in the featured tribute song may have been intended solely for a human mate with whom love is hopefully worthwhile work. I can't help but hear reverence for the Divine in the midst, however, with Whom the bees and things and flowers daily tell me Love is truly effortless. In moments of downtime,
I set some of my lessons to letters...


A T. Tribute...

"Anita" is said to mean grace or favor. No good relationship is complete without either.

Brickhouse or not, the capstone of her last name (Baker) represents the "beta" energy, or a balancing counterpart, of the alpha presence. For constructive building tips, put Psalm 127 and more goodness in the oven.

Credit belongs where it's due! "Compositions" is the title of her beautiful 1990 album for Elektra featuring this song as track #8. James McBride is the composer of this infinite favorite.

DO... dance to your own beat, but complement your partner's rhythms, avoid stepping on any toes & stay in pocket!

Examine all the angles without excess ego and envy. Partners may not always see eye-to-eye, but with positive, common goals, outer limits are less likely to be tested.

Fight fairly, if you must at all. The flames of anger are hard to quench once ignited, so the proverbial wisdom of never letting the sun go down on wrath, revenge being best chilled (not always served) & soft answers for an upset partner are always fresh! If those fail, instead of fanning them, FLOAT on and refuel your energy.

Give -- not just to, but as you want to -- get! Simply put, it's golden! :)

Hold on to hope in what is heavenly! It is the seed of faith, which will take you ever higher if you wholly do the work of climbing together without pulling each other down.

I AM breathed into our different vessels for one overall purpose -- to be glorified, not cast aside, via your individuality. Shine!

Just a matter of time before your relationship develops into the fullness of its joy and/or purpose. Let NOTHING but the Most High sever what the Most High joins! Stay juicy :)

Keep kindness close! Kindred spirits sometimes cut each other easily because you know each other best.

LOVE! It's the most obvious but neglected ingredient. It isn't control, domination or force. It is self-controlled, willing to yield loyally for what's right & powerful enough to harmonize opposites ala Isaiah 11:6. Bless God ~ laugh at all you've learned apart and together!

May the warmth of Love melt any unnecessary hardness and futility away until only what matters remains. After all, the mandate and magic of true marriage is what I'm talking about in these love lines. I trust there have to be ways to happily maintain the long but light haul.

NOW is the right time to express your Love, even after an eternity. All things can become new by the Almighty. Except to evil, NEVER say never!

Open your heart, mind and soul to the One ~ our Creator ~ for guidance as to the earthly one for you. Graduate from old lessons & allow that one to get to know you too. There's no future in frontin', people. Omission is just commission you might not see!

Pursue & practice ~ fervent prayer, patience, privacy, purity and peace with your partner. These are stronger than pride. Make the loving as perfect as possible!

Quiet as it's kept... sometimes silence is the sweetest, most profound sound.

Respect your reflection all-ways! Be ready to see yourself and straighten up when you do, remembering that regard and reward are two very different things. The former is a basic human right, but the latter is only for the upright :)

"S/he say" is not the final word! Don't be stupid, but substantiate the most pressing stuff and don't sweat the rest. Time is like sand: small units comprise a vast yet flighty reality. Seize it sincerely; treat it sacredly!

Truth must prevail throughout time & space. Be tender and tough where necessary in this Life. Trust will find you and follow.

Understand this: there is none other just like you! No matter how hard one tries or the similar tale of the outside, uniqueness is the Most High's specialty.

Vision is vital! Vengeance is God's, but we are gifted with discernment & healthy values to promote our victory. This commonly used symbol for peace (to which unity is intrinsic and always implied in my book) is arguably inferior to a joined finger gesture resembling the ASL letter "H". Revisiting the heights in that letter, the dispute is void. Very interesting!

Worry negates your faith and work, so why give yourself reason? Even wise Solomon could've benefitted from said seasoning. Don't fall off the wagon of your true worth. Well enough deserves to be left alone.

X usually marks a spot for a reason. Sure, there may be treasures there, but clear and accurate direction must be provided first. Unless you're a scavenger, exit the scene until an exclusive map is given. No excuses.

Yes & Amen (meaning "so be it" in some traditions) are the only answers we need, according to the Word. When the human experience presents forks in the road, maybe we should eat more of that Divine food until we know the right way to go at that time.

Zones of resonant Love may be beyond our natural sight, but not beyond our (tempered) zeal. Is the zephyr any less real than the hurricane? No. What's missing is the devastation & pain. Find your true Love zone and get there if you can.

'A-Z' Love text and visual collage (c) Tara Nova for Psalmbody/PMLLC

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