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03 June 2011


Sunshine and contentment paved my path this morning ~ there is always something beautiful to witness in God's Work! A weeklong strip of road construction had made area traffic such a hassle for commuters, so the warmth and an unexpected joke were very welcome. Flipping through various drivetime shows, I happened upon mention of great summer concert series, controversy over Rihanna's "Man Down" video, contemporary praise & worship and an odd interview segment of a news brief. Apparently, a certain Caucasian woman had "just discovered the butters" and was upset that 'the Black people [kept] the secret of the cocoa and shea [nut] to themselves'!
Yea and yay for shea!

They made no mention of where the woman was from, but I have noticed that many convenience stores make Palmer's brand products very available, albeit processed. Natural shea butter is also increasingly present in many urban centers of commerce and online to reach a global market. Taking the blame route was a bit misguided, but I don't at all blame her appreciation of the products' effectiveness against dryness and other cross-cultural skin needs. A big tub of it will be in my family's beach bag this weekend, during which time my June writing goal will take a brief backseat to amusement park screams (unless they make our heads feel like jostled nuts), salty splashes, walking meditations, resting and digesting. The thoughts will be more internal or pen-and-papered until we return as God wills it. 

In keeping with the original theme, it was a bit of a stretch to link the concept of smoothness, which "the butters" also promote, and Biblical wisdom, namely that which is found in the Song. Before long, however, the answer became clear as beautiful skin! The relationship of the Lord and His collective Bride in times of political or technological rulership as well as the shepherd and the Shulammite's union in the time of Solomon the king are often beset by what chapter 2 verse 15 calls "the foxes". The wily energies and entities that seek to mock or distract Love at work can be pride, greed, attractive but hollow objects of lust, unnecessary strivings and any other "unhealthy desire"How they enter the proverbial vineyards or growth places in our lives is often by hearts and tongues bent on falsehood or even figurative drunkenness all of which sometimes give smoothness a bad name. When we seek God first and follow the Lord's Way, then overgrowth can be pruned and keep those foxes at bay.

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