Look Alive

24 March 2012

Broken, We Go Hard

Sanford, our suns, structure...
weathered and marked, indefinitely left

in rot or retinue
When necessary, the soul of me disagrees

.: visual persistence of memory at http://tinyurl.com/DC4Trayvon-PMLLC :.

"This is [a] black hoodie rap"
Lemme rap to you about some Blacks who die
They may appear as another from behind
or exactly for who they are
then sexually violated, shot or subject to bars
spit on, with shame
And when the soul and body part ways 
unity often waits for mourning
even if rumor had it the night prior
How rich that is—not
Even "nothing" can be sacred
if equal to evils often concealed
No covering within, no hood without?
Just when you thought
you new the rules
Oh boy...
The Red Line approached empty and helped me
thanks to my Silver Spring
Our Union is stationed in a hopeful place
beside a Judiciary, not judgmental, square
Move on
There is something else to see, hear

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