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29 March 2012

Area Codes

Yesterday, I noticed that one of actor Chris Rock's films, "I Think I Love My Wife", had come on twice. Having enjoyed it from both a single and betrothed context before, it was tragic to see how easily a destructive feminine will would disrupt another's rightful path. It was also comical to agree with some of the characters' dinner table chat about pop culture. One of the areas of conversation they visited was the graphic lyrical nature of some music; Ludacris' melodic mention of those in different "Area Codes" being one particular song. Ludacris himself having engaged in or released some conscious work since, some would say that type of thing is just a sign of an age coming to an end.

This morning I got a few random calls from locales that did not appear to be my own. From their own lives in what the caller ID stated were New Orleans and Connecticut, a few seconds and then minutes apart, something jumped into Spanish-speaking individuals I don't know to persist in their desire to speak with "Lily". I found the request interesting since one of the last things I looked at before resting on the previous night was the cast listing of the "Mirror Mirror" film to be released tomorrow. As a lifelong lover of flowers with a particular affinity for the (water) lily, however, I guess they were essentially right for asking. LOL Still, that's not my name and the mix-up was straightened out quickly enough.

While every area might not be primed for farming and its tools from digging and displacement, all the world and its inhabitants have codes of operation. Thieves' code is said to yield no honor among them or anyone else, but lucky for Lily Collins' Snow White character and some of us beyond the screen, thieves like one whose heart neighbored Christ's do. Then and now, numbers don't just measure our communications. They engage our days, the distance or proximity of our creeds and so much more. Let's make them count for better.

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