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12 April 2012

High Frequency

"The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good heritage." - Psalm 16:6 AMP

Miss Starry-Eye with steed and the collection's beautiful "Indigo"

Way back when, I looked at the Rainbow Brite doll's tiny facial star tattoo with appreciation. Heavenly things were in her sights, little me reasoned, and I would also get one once I was a grown-up. Considering the arguable versatility of wearing multiple shades and the even less innocent implications of being inked near one's eyes these days, I resisted the urge to rationalize the latter for my son's memory in what would be the odd fulfillment of childhood prophecy five years and two weeks ago. For the horse hair fix, I recently went to the circus — and almost cried.

Potential jokes aside about the Smokey Robinson and Stephen Sondheim music among my inner jukebox, know that the random water daughter mode was very joyful albeit short-lived and discreet. Seeing the host of young people dance, flip and soar from the U.S., Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, France, Russia, Mongolia, China and South Africa to name some locations into what I hope is the healthy fulfillment of their dreams simply moved me like a proud mama. He/art will do that sometimes and, pledging Divine allegiance, we can honor all our flags' delineations without prejudice.

Today, one of my favorite metro NY radio stations, WVIP, announced a change in their morning structure. Musician, media personality and athlete Roy "Gramps" Morgan of legendary Morgan Heritage and solo fame is a new on-air host. His fresh yet timeless single, "Life Too Short", corresponds to this post and speaks blessed volumes that await you from the Blip.fm player below.

The convergence of an entertaining evening, call letters demanding the attention of important or ominous matters and a continuing legacy of inspirational culture proved that this generation need not represent the worst of our ancestry or the vipers implicated in the gospels. May our energy, like those flags, stay raised in p(e)aceful wisdom.

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