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07 January 2011

Hearing & Active Listening -- FaithFULLY

With the first week of the new year "2011" almost behind us, a fresh yet mildly seasoned perspective is available to whomever will approach with Kingdom senses. I trust we've all learned something useful so far and hope we'll continue to teach each other per the daily gifts of God's grace. For instance, a local blackout actually turned the lights on my need to constantly place God's will in a priority higher than the heights of any romantic past or pursuit. Ah, the plight of young God-fearing singles in this age! It seems we're blessed if we do [reverence Him and work accordingly at living within our respective, cultural frameworks], damned and maybe a bit bored or misunderstood if we don't. Sometimes I'm led to think I heard wrong when heeding the Lord's instructions for evangelism beyond the comfort zones of the saved. Still, there is such beautiful Truth available to s/he who has the ears and heart to hear humbly, even if it hurts a bit!

Of clearing wax, consider the different intent and usage of a knife in the hands of a vegan chef  and a murderer. In either case, a mere knife is wielded, but I understand how the affected eyes of some passersby might be confused. I've long explained how I'll select an instrumental version of a song I enjoy rhythmically but not lyrically. For those songs that don't have clean versions or thoughtforms such as films, I have included some explicit examples on occasion to display truths otherwise difficult to address only with images of proverbial milk and honey.

At the very least, two playlists were inspired or added to this week and are under construction: the new "Cruise Control" collection of driving tunes and December's ".". No sooner did I discuss a Revelation theme behind the still unexplained phenomenon of Arkansas' dying wildlife (as well as this week's "Hear & Now") with a family member than a random Bible verse from one of many online generators offered a timely warning against associating with works of dark intent without proper exposition. Hmm... I hear you, Lord. I had no idea what to expect when clicking on that joke forward. I admit it was super-funny, but it was tasteless and I won't forward it for all the hilarity in the world.

Elsewhere, a peer was kind enough to constructively suggest I tone down the length of some academic writing. She reminded me of the times we live in -- and that very few of us have any time to read bulk, even if it's good. Her sentiment echoed that of other friends who I'd tried to digitally discuss complex issues with in an effort to respect their personal space and the deficit of time the world keeps talking about. They were all correct in that less can be more and I truly appreciated her helpful, paring use of the 'knife'. Many of us have experienced its sadly more sinister uses before, sometimes even playing host to warring spirits of counterproductivity, as the goal of Satan and all his fallen is to silence any expression of our Sovereign by any means. I rejoice in praise that the score of all such goals was already settled by the sword of the Spirit, which proves more effective than the Excalibur of lore or even Solomon's crude maternity test.

I almost forgot to include a brief testimony. My phone number once belonged to two popular businesses, so I've had my share of odd calls from people seeking a healing appointment or service on a luxury car (!). Close to New Year's Day, the stark contrast of two particular voice messages offered an inside joke that I am more comfortable sharing with you. The first caller, who sounded like an elderly man, was apparently trying to reach a familiar doctor's office. After hearing an outgoing message with my voice and a strong presence of music, he hesitantly left a message of well-wishes, making sure to note the "racket" he heard in the background. Later that evening, the second caller, a young man whom I recognize as a friend, in turn fondly recognized the "old school" soul/jazz classic by name. It may not read with much humor, but you just had to be there. In the privacy of my heart, I gladly received both their tidings as a blessing; different approaches to the same song and all!

In any season, we sometimes look through our glasses darkly, register what blessings we do have as half-empty and test each other with variations of Do you know what I know? Hear what I hear? See what I see? In Isaiah 55, particularly verses 8 and 9, God reminds us that we are all blind, foolish and deaf compared to Him. This is the purpose of faith, "which comes from hearing." As we continue to refresh ourselves  with the Living Water that is (the Word of) God -- especially lubricating the 'throats' with which we communicate Divine breaths of intent to each other, may we maintain a realistic outlook on Life with optimism that God's will reigns supreme. I hear you, too, people... As I learn and grow, my conversations and works will be more streamlined. Just know that I'm content with letting only the Most High have His Way and His content dictate the final say. :)

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