Look Alive

06 January 2011

PROPER GANDER. :: Hush... Somebody's Calling My Name!

A caller didn't hear me correctly
but hung up in my ear
with contempt, he
accused me of seeing someone new
I had
viewed myself as refreshed
and allowed enjoyment again
though only dining
and it wasn't leftover stew
or the way of passing strangers
but a casual, early evening with a colleague and friend
Just before then
I did press "send" on
messages to another
I wanted to understand
and I can
Admittedly, my thoughts, impassioned
yet confined to the alphanumeric sequence of a cell
were cryptic as hell
Oh well...
Lessons: Make it plain
Keep obligations in their lanes
with special attention
to what's really owed
Everyone's got a point
and their peace to uphold
It seemed a Love of clarity fell
upon fraternal twin towers
and a third
designed to transmit, not receive
my reflection
In an instant
mundane powers failed too
A half-hour of dark stillness
illuminated the night with correction
from an energy transfer
I, alone, could see
No outlet is greater than the Source
my Creator, Who truly hears and calls upon me

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